Local Ukrainian Woman Offers Help To Those Still Trapped

Anya Urso has family still inside Kyiv, Ukraine and feels helpless to do anything for them. With that in mind she is raising funds and collecting much needed supplies for those refugees able to make it to safety and for those still trapped in country.

Anya says "I am starting a fundraiser to raise funds for aid in Ukraine. Funds will go to my uncles brigade on the front lines and to my family, whose lives have been turned upside down in one week. Everyone is out of work and literally fighting for their lives by making their own weapons."

She is also collecting items such as diapers, toiletries, work gloves, batteries, flashlights etc to be shipped to Poland. She has a plane already lined up and will fill a truck up with the collected goods There will be a donation truck from Sunday, March 6th at noon until 8pm Saturday, March 12th. All items will be going to go to Poland for distribution.


Donation Drop Off:

2360 Goddard Road

Toledo, Ohio 43606

Listen to the interview she did with Fred below and click on this link for further information HELP UKRAINE

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