What Should Perrysburg Call Harrison Rally Days-Wednesday 60 Minute Poll

The Perrysburg Area Chamber Of Commerce has decided to change the name of its' long held Harrison Rally Day to Positively Perrysburg to remove the name of President William Henry Harrison who at one time lived in the area and served in the Ohio senate. Harrison also was instrumental in the building of Fort Meigs. His stance on slavery though is what caused the Chamber to rethink the name of the annual festival.

According to a statement released by Sandy Latchem, Chamber executive director, “We want to have a positive vibe for this annual festival. We don’t want to associate it with a person whom we now know supported slavery.”

Instead of "Positively Perrysburg" what should they call the festival? WEDNESDAY 60 MINUTE POLL

Portrait of William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States in 1841

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