Too many Dollar General type stores in Toledo? - Friday 60 Minute Poll

Toledo City Council took public input Thursday on proposed new regulations regarding "dollar store" like Dollar General, Dollar Tree etc etc. Council heard from citizens and a representative from ABLE saying these types stores must be stopped from proliferating in the city any further. According to Reem Subei of ABLE “People in Toledo are asking you to prioritize their nutrition, their health, and their housing. Some of the most basic human rights are access to food and access to nutrition. Small-box stores get in the way of that." “They drive out other grocery stores. They drive out healthy options that could exist.”

A spokesperson for Dollar General had a different view “We believe these are targeted efforts at prohibiting our ability to open future stores and are not in the best interest of the city. In fact, we think it harms residents who rely on us to help make ends meet, stretch, or balance their budgets,” Ms. Crystal Luce said. “These actions also amount to lost jobs and career opportunities, as well as tax revenue generated to the city from our stores.”

Should the city stop "dollar stores" from opening? FRIDAY 60 MINUTE POLL


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