Why Aren't Republicans Talking About Stock Market - Thursday 60 Minute Poll

During the Trump administration when the stock market hit 25,000 the former President told reporters “What that means is that, whenever you see that number go up on Wall Street, it means jobs, it means success, it means 401(k)s are flourishing.” FOX News and other right leaning news sites touted the number as a sign of success for the President.

Yesterday the stock market set a new record, closing at a record high of 32,297.02 and yet there were no signs of congratulations from FOX, OANN, or Breitbart.

Why are the high stock market numbers being treated differently under this President.? Trump had told reporters at the time “I guess our new number is 30,000.” Well that's been broken now.

How is the Trump market different from the Biden market? THURSDAY 60 MINUTE POLL

Wall Street sign and the front of the Ne

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