DeWine To Address State This Afternoon On Coronavirus Live On 1370 WSPD

Governor Mike DeWine has scheduled a live address to the state today for 5:30pm to address the coronavirus pandemic. iHeart's 1370 WSPD will carry the speech live when the Governor is expected to announce possible steps to curb the current uptick in cases in some counties. Last week, 12 counties were placed on red-alert status as Ohio’s daily infection rate surpassed its one-time peak, a trend that was expected as states reopened.

DeWine earlier in the week said “We are in a much more dangerous time, and we're at a point in time where I believe Ohioans — when they look at Texas, when they look at Florida — will say, ‘we do not want to go there.’ ”

“Gov. DeWine is going to have a conversation with the citizens of Ohio on where we are in this pandemic and where Ohio could be headed,” said Dan Tierney, the governor’s press secretary. The surprise announcement came after the Governor cancelled his Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Locally Wood County is under a code red warning because of the number of cases, Toledo and now Bowling Green have passed mandatory face mask ordinances.

To listen to the Governor's address use this link to LISTEN LIVE


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