Tattoo shops, massage parlors get the go ahead from DeWine

Tattoo shops won a victory today when Governor DeWine announced they can open this week. DeWine gave the go ahead to tattoo shops, massage services, and body piercing shops to open this Friday along with barbers and hair salons. DeWine went on to say "There’s no guarantee it can stay out of anywhere in Ohio. I can’t give that assurance at all. The virus is still here; it’s not going away,” “Life has risks. The coronavirus presents a risk, a dangerous risk, but we can deal with that in as safe a way as possible.”

Many retail shops opened today including the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo but shoppers were scarce. The only real crowd at the mall today was for the new Air Jordan tennis shoes which had people standing in line at 11a when the mall opened. Stores are hesitant to open until they see if shoppers will venture out and all are making their own decisions on when to reopen.

Meanwhile gym and fitness centers have brought a lawsuit brought on behalf of 35 independent gyms across the state.The Ohio Department of Health’s order enforcing the closure of gyms and fitness centers is still in effect. The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, a law firm based in Columbus, has filed the suit in Lake County Common Pleas Court. The Governor's response, “I get sued a lot.”

Here's a link for the full press briefing from today



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