DeWine-I'm Fair Game, The Buck Stops Here- Monday Coronavirus Update

Gov. Mike DeWine talked Monday about expanding testing to protect Ohioans during his daily coronavirus update. These upgrades to testing will be vital to restraining the growth according to medical professionals. Through Monday, the state had administered 154,290 COVID-19 tests -- the equivalent of about 1.3% of Ohio’s population -- with 13.3% of tests returning positive.From an average of 3,092 tests a day during the first week of April, the number of tests in Ohio had increased by 43% to 4,415 a day by the end of the month.

Monday marked the first-day that employers were allowed to recall workers to general offices, distribution centers and construction companies and retail and service businesses are set to reopen beginning May 12 with virus precautions such as masks, social distancing and worker health checks including temperature checks before clocking in.

DeWine used a portion of his time to send a message to protesters “I’m the one who makes the policy decisions ... When you don’t like the policy, demonstrate against me, that is certainly fair game, but to bother the family of Dr. Acton, I don’t think that’s fair game, it is not right, it’s not necessary to get your point across.”

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle registrar offices will reopen later this month, with no date yet set, for Ohioans to obtain and renew driver’s licenses.

To view the full briefing click on this link GOVERNOR DeWINE DAILY CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING

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