Toledo City Council Votes To Rename Toledo Express Airport After Gene Kranz

TOLEDO, Ohio - Toledo City Council has voted unanimously to rename the city's airport after NASA flight director Gene Kranz.

Council voted 11-0 to approve the measure to rename Toledo Express Airport in honor of the Toledo native and Central Catholic graduate.

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz told WSPD's Scott Sands that he feels this move is important in telling the story of Toledo.

"...[Kranz was] a normal Toledoan and he grew up to put men on the moon. He was the flight director of the early Gemini and Apollo mission including the ones that put men on the moon and that's a big deal. This is someone who has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The fact that we are able to honor him in this way, yes it's neat, but more than neat its important. I think it's important that we tell our story as a city and if it can inspire future generations so much the better," Kapszukiewicz said.

The Mayor said there is no timeline for the changes yet. The Federal Aviation Administration does need to give its approval but because the airport's call letters are not changing, Kapszukiewicz says the process should only take weeks instead of months.

You can hear the Mayor's entire interview below:

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