Put-In-Bay Mayor Resigns; Pleads Guilty To Conflict Of Interest Charges

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio - The mayor of Put-In-Bay is stepping down after pleading guilty to conflict of interest charges.

WTOL 11 reports that Bernard McCann plead guilty Wednesday to two counts of conflict of interest in a public contract, a first-degree misdemeanor. As part of his plea agreement, the 82-year-old mayor agreed to also resign from office.

The former mayor used his public position secure waterline project contracts for a business associate. The project also benefited several members of McCann's family.

“We can’t have community leaders who prioritize their own interests above those of the public,” Attorney General Yost said. “Former Mayor McCann let power get to his head, choosing to use his position for the betterment of his own interests. His poor decisions have cost him his job, as well as the trust of the citizens who elected him to lead.”

McCann will be sentenced on March 29.

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