Ohio To Receive $16 Million Grant To Combat Drug Overdoses

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Ohio is receiving federal funds to help communities fight against drug overdoses.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is giving Ohio a nearly $16 million grant to reduce fatal drug overdoses. 

Jim Macrae, of the Department's Bureau of Primary Care, says $13 million is going to community health services. 

"The bulk of the money is going to community health centers, which are community-based organizations that provide basic medical care, oral health services, mental health services and increasingly substance abuse disorder services," Macrae explained. 

He says there are also funds to train new behavioral health providers and to promote local solutions to the crisis. 

According to the federal government, drug overdose deaths are up 143% in Ohio since 2010. The Department of Health and Human Services is awarding nearly $400 million nationwide to fight the epidemic. 

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