Parts of NW Ohio Suffering Drought Conditions

(Toledo, OH) Parts of Northwest Ohio are now considered to be in a drought.

The United States Drought Monitor says areas of Lucas and Fulton counties are in a moderate drought, the second lowest level in its drought intensity rankings..  

Many other Northwest Ohio counties are also considered abnormally dry-- including Wood, Seneca, and most of Henry County.  Meteorologists say the area has been lacking in rainfall and aren't forecasting any significant rain in the future. 

One Ohio State University extension agent says soybean crops in the abnormally dry regions need at least an inch of rain soon to recover, and make the difference between "a good yield and a great yield." In most areas, he adds that corn should be fine since the sensitive stage of its growth has passed. 

Cooler weather may help ease things, but precipitation is badly needed soon.

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