Perrysburg Twp. Named Best Dressed Police in U.S.

(Perrysburg Twp., OH) A national trade group salutes Perrysburg Township police--as the best dressed in the U.S. 

Perrysburg Township police officers are the snappiest dressers in the nation when they put their uniform on over their Kevlar and strap on their service revolvers. That's according to the North American Association of Uniform Manufactures and Distributors, who recently held the 40th annual Best Dressed Public Safety Competition. 

The best behind the badge whether on patrol or on the runway, the judges are looking for function as well as fashion in this competition. 

A Toledo distributor supplies Perrysburg Township police and says uniforms have a powerful impact on how police officers are perceived, so looking sharp gives officers confidence, promotes pride, and is positively received by the public. 

Metroparks Toledo rangers also won the award last year.

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