Sentencing Phase Of Worley Trial Begins

(Wauseon, OH) The death penalty phase begins today in the trial of James Worley. 

The jury will hold the life of the convicted kidnapper and killer in their hands this week as they hear evidence and testimony from prosecutors on why James Worley deserves to die-- including the gruesome and grisly details of a torture chamber built into a barn and how 20-year old Sierra Joughin likely choked to death on a device placed in her mouth and throat. 

On the flip side, defense attorneys will try to present mitigating factors on why his life should be spared. 

The same jury already convicted Worley of all 17 counts against him after just six hours of deliberations in the Fulton County case. The jury has three basic choices-- the death penatly, a life sentence, or 25 years to life. The jury likely will be sequestered again this week.

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