$49M Upgrades in Store at Toledo Water Plant

posted by News Radio 1370 WSPD & 92.9-FM - 

(Toledo, OH) Toledo City Council may take the next big step in fighting toxic algae blooms tonight. 

Toledo's mayor is asking city council to approve a 49-million dollar loan from an Ohio EPA revolving loan account to pay for improvements at the Collins Park water treatment plant aimed at paying for a permanent algae bloom ozone treatment system. 

A short-term solution was put in place to filter out the algal toxin microcystin after the 2014 toxic Toledo water crisis, but the new system serves as a long-term strategy for the removal of those toxins from the drinking water supply for 500,000 people. 

But the huge investment comes as Toledo leaders talk with suburban officials about forming a regional water authority and possibly selling or leasing the water treatment plant to the group.


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