Promedica Announces Partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation

TOLEDO, Ohio - Promedica has announced a new partnership with the goal of improving health outcomes in northwest Ohio. 

Promedica and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation will collaborate in an effort to spur economic opportunity and improve health outcomes in Toledo and the surrounding region over the next decade.

New investments and grants will focus on helping families grow employment skills and boost incomes and education. The goal is to improve community safety, finance healthy homes and vibrant businesses, and ensure communities have quality greenspace and jobs.

The alliance's efforts will start in the UpTown district, where more than half of residents live in poverty and 30% are unemployed. 

“Health care has traditionally invested heavily in high-tech clinical care and state-of-the-art facilities, yet we underinvest in programs to improve socioeconomic factors. This is despite scientific evidence of how these factors greatly influence a person’s health status,” said Randy Oostra, ProMedica president and CEO. “For several years now, ProMedica has been devoting more resources to address social needs. Now through this partnership with LISC, we will maximize the impact of our efforts, starting in UpTown, and demonstrate the power of partnering with other sectors to accomplish a shared goal.”

“Your zip code should not determine your prospects in life,” said Maurice Jones, president and CEO of LISC, a national community development organization that has invested more than $19 billion to spur economic opportunity in struggling areas. “But, right now, your community is the single largest predictor of how well and how long you will live. We have to focus on social, economic and health challenges—all in the same place at the same time—if we want to give families the best chance possible to thrive.”

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