Glenn worries in the early morning about writing his speech. See how it turned out.

Everyone has been there.

There’s a deadline looming, a project due, a presentation to give — and nothing comes to you.

Glenn dealt with this agonizing feeling early Thursday morning while preparing a speech he was scheduled to deliver at a luncheon that afternoon at “Talk Show Boot Camp 2018” — an annual gathering of talk radio professionals and talent in Dallas, Texas.

Sitting alone in a quiet, empty studio, he took to Facebook to write down his thoughts, thinking back to the early days of his career when he recalled wanting to simply attend the event. Now, he was humbled to know he’d be one of the speakers.

“I remember being young and looking for my big break, wanting to attend but not being able to afford it,” Glenn wrote.

“All of the big radio people were there. I just wanted to hear ‘how they did it,’ I wanted to be convinced that I too can do it and to see if they really were who they seemed to be on air.”

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Despite now having decades of experience working behind a microphone, Glenn revealed he still has feelings of inadequacy.

“I remember being the guy no one in the room knew,” he wrote. “That is why the words won’t come. I know how to be that guy in that room. The one looking for answers, inspiration and hope that there are real people that have made it. I still feel like the outsider looking in. I am much more of the fan than the man.”

Read Glenn’s full post here:

The overwhelming response from his fans was that of inspiration and support. Robin Burkhalter commented:

Just present that as your speech. I’m at that place where people don’t believe in me and that post inspired me. Some of us truly don’t have what it takes to be this or that, but we HAVE to believe in ourselves and not listen to the naysayers! Sure, the opinions of professionals means something, they should have some idea if you have what it takes – but they aren’t always right.

And Joyce Sikora wrote:

Before reading anyone’s comments I was going to say “you just wrote it” but I see that many already have said that. I don’t think you will ever have a problem with a speech as long as you give it from your heart, like you always do. God Bless and keep hanging in there. You know what waits at the end of our journey.

Well, we captured his speech on Facebook live so you can see it for yourself. Check out the video below:

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