'No Joke, I Own a Country Now'


All hail Suyash Dixit, first king of the Kingdom of Dixit. The Times of India reports 24-year-old Dixit, CEO of an Indian tech firm, was traveling to Egypt for a software developers' conference earlier this month when he read about Bir Tawil. The 800-square-mile Bir Tawil is located between Egypt and Sudan but has been claimed by neither country and is uninhabited. 

As the Telegraph puts it, Bir Tawil is "the only place on Earth where humans can live and survive that is not part of any state or country." Dixit decided to do something about that. In a Facebook post, he says he drove six hours and braved the Egyptian military, which has "'shoot at sight' orders" due to terrorists in the area, to establish his new kingdom.

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