Ohio's Leaders Propose More to Fight Drug Crisis

(Columbus, OH)   Ohio’s governor is calling on faith-based organizations to talk to children about the dangers of drug addiction.  Governor John Kasich met with faith-based leaders Thursday at Vineyard Columbus Church.  

The governor called on the clergy to spend more time talking to young people about drugs.  Vineyard Columbus has a recovery ministry and many churches like it are developing programs to help those struggling with addiction.

Meantime, Republican Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor says if elected governor, she would issue $1 billion worth of bonds to pay for private solutions to the opioid crisis.  Taylor announced the plan Thursday during a speech in Dayton.  

The gubernatorial candidate says the money raised would be given out in zero-interest loans to pay costs for new treatment centers and more narcotics officers.  

Taylor also said she would raise the director of the Opiate Action Team to a cabinet-level drug czar.

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