Toledo Voters To Decide Mayoral, Council Races

(Toledo, OH) Voters will decide Toledo's next mayor.

The ballot shows a battle of two Democrats for the 22nd floor of One Government Center, endorsed incumbent Paula Hicks-Hudson versus Lucas County treasurer and former city councilman Wade Kapsukiewicz. 

Hicks-Hudson was elevated to the mayor's office after the sudden death of then-mayor Mike Collins, but won the remainder of his term. Kapsukiewicz has won the endorsement of business groups and the city's public safety unions. 

The biggest issue of the campaign seems to be eight million missing dollars suddenly found in a city account, which a former mayor says was set-aside to pay off the debt for Toledo's trash trucks once they were sold during a privatization of city garbage service.

There will be at least one new Toledo city council member after today. Toledo city council president Steve Steel is barred from running again because of term limits. 

But there are a dozen candidates vying for six at-large seats-- Democrats, Republicans, and independents. Only one candidate was eliminated in the September primary. 

Five incumbents are hoping to retain their seats-- former TPS school board members Cecelia Adams and Larry Sykes, newcomer Kurt Young who filled a vacancy a few months back, long-time GOP councilman Rob Ludeman, and small business owner and independent Sandy Spang. 

Candidates range in age from their mid-20's to well into their 70's. This election gives voters a chance to add fresh faces and political newcomers to city council.

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