Bill To Better Monitor Violent Criminals Introduced At Statehouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new bill at the Statehouse would require better monitoring of violent criminals. 

The Reagan Tokes Act has just been introduced bipartisanly by lawmakers in the Ohio House and Senate. Tokes was kidnapped, raped and murdered in February. Her mother, Lisa, spoke at the bill's introduction.

"The easy path would be to allow ourselves to get lost in the evil and darkness that took her from us and I'm sure nobody would blame us if that was our choice. But instead we have chosen to lean into our faith as a source of strength and support," Tokes said. 

The man accused in the crime, Brian Golsby, is also accused of terrorizing women in German Village while his ankle monitor did nothing to alert police that he was violating parole. The Reagan Tokes Act is set up to correct those types of shortcomings.

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