Metroparks Wants Lowe's to Fund Treehouse Village

(Toledo, OH) The Metroparks hopes to enlist a home improvement chain in its efforts to build a treehouse village.

The Toledo-area Metroparks Board plans to ask Lowe's to contribute six figures to its plans to build a treehouse village near Swanton. 

The board is expected to approve a $100,000 grant request to Lowe's at its meeting this morning. 

That treehouse village will be located on nearly 500 acres in Fulton County the Metroparks bought a couple years ago. The treehouse village will be available for rent as a corporate retreat, summer camp destination, and other uses. 

A Metroparks spokesman said the hope is to build the first treehouse next spring and fund the entire project with grants and private donations of money, materials and in-kind services like the one being sought from the Lowe's Community Foundation.

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