Maumee Man In Custody, Likely Driver Who Struck Pedestrians in VA

According to multiple reports, a Maumee man is in custody in Charlottesville, VA, likely in connection to a vehicle that ran over multiple pedestrians during a white supremacy protest Saturday afternoon.

A 2010 gray Dodge Challenger plowed into counterprotesters, injuring around 20 and killing 1. The Washington Post reports that the car is registered to James Alex Fields of Maumee, OH. The Post also contacted the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, who told them that a man by that name was in custody, booked on multiple charges including suspicion of second-degree murder, and was being held without bail.

The name of another, previous owner of the vehicle had spread online. That person has received multiple death threats, even though they've been lifelong Michigan residents.

Condemnations of the attack have come in from multiple elected representatives of the area.

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