Turf Installer Finishes Football HOF Job

(Oregon, OH) A Northwest Ohio company is ensuring this year's Pro Football Hall of Fame game will be played.

Maumee Bay Turf Center's owner recently posted a photo on social media touting a successful turf installation at Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium in Canton. 

The NFL had already planned to replace the field when last year's Hall of Fame preseason game was canceled due to paint problems with the field's logos-- causing a hard, slick surface and safety issues for players. The Oregon-based company has installed numerous synthetic and natural athletic fields across Ohio and the country. 

Now that the turf is in place, all logos will be stitched into the surface so there won't be the same problems that nixed the Packers-Colts preseason opener. 

This year's Hall of Fame game also is being moved up to Thursday, as the first event of induction weekend, giving the field crew enough time to prep and paint the field for the game-- which contributed to last year's cancellation.

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