Let's Go Drone Racing At The Toledo Show! (WATCH)

The nation's largest RC show has called Toledo "home" for the past 63 years.  It's official name is The Toledo Show: R/C Model Expo and it's here this weekend at the Seagate Convention Center.  The three day event showcases all types of remote control fun, including cars, boats, planes, and - new this year - drones!  You can even watch professional pilots battle in drone racing competitions.

That sounds fun. I've seen it on TV. I've flown my son's small drone. How hard could it be? Shaggy, Dan, and I went to The Toledo Show to find out if we could pilot drones with the professionals. Short answer ... No.

Check out what happened when we tried to fly their course.

Buy your tickets for the 63rd Annual Toledo Show Expo Today - CLICK HERE
Hours are Friday until 5pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 9am-3pm.

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