Governor Kasich Encourages Innovation and Early Adoption of New Tech For Small Businesses

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio's governor is calling on people in business to be more willing to embrace risk for the sake of progress.

Governor John Kasich says the future will require Ohioans to move faster and embrace innovation. 

"The real challenge in the midwest is to be willing to move faster and to willing to take on risk. If you don't want to take on risk and you don't want to try new ideas, the midwest will remain unwashed," Kasich said Monday at a downtown Columbus event. 

Kasich points to driverless cars. He predicts jobs as truck drivers and taxi cabs will be wiped out within a decade or two.

"There will be no pedals and no steering wheels in these cars."

For that reason, the Governor insists it's time to change curriculum in schools.

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