NW Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Give The Option To Prescribe Generic EpiPens

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The option of getting a generic version of the epipen in Ohio would become state law if one Ohio lawmakers gets his way. 

The epipen bill has been introduced by State Representative Derek Merrin (R-Monclova Township). He says the bill is about giving doctors and patients the freedom to choose.

"This legislation is really a free market solution to the exorbitant cost of epinephrine auto-injectors. It allows and gives the ability for pharmacists to substitute out brand name prescriptions for epinephrine auto-injectors for a cheaper alternative," Merrin says. 

Merrin says technically, there is no FDA-approved generic option for the epipen. He says legislation is needed to allow pharmacists to substitute one form of that specific prescription for the alternative. Epinephrine is used to treat sever allergic reactions and severe asthma attacks.

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