Dr. Sharon Gaber Discusses The Future Of UTMC (LISTEN)

The University of Toledo Medical Center will remain open as a public teaching hospital, UT President Dr. Sharon Gaber announced on Tuesday.  The announcement comes after a careful review of the hospital's financial viability.  Gaber said the Medical Center is "strong" financially, "We've had great numbers. We're nearly full in the hospital and we think we can make a go of it as an independent hospital."

Simultaneous with Dr. Gaber's announcement, the interim CEO of The University of Toledo Medical Center told faculty and staff that facility must:

  1. focus on primary care and behavioral health
  2. make smart financial choice and increase patient satisfaction
  3. adapt to changes associated with the academic agreement with ProMedica, which will mean fewer residents at UTMC

Dr. Sharon Gaber spoke with The Scott Sands Show on News Radio WSPD about the announcement, and then had some fun playing Scott's "Lightning Round" of questions.

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