Meet ... The Meat Mountain!  It's a "secret menu" item at Arby's and features roast beef, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, Angus steak, chicken tenders, bacon, and cheese.  It weighs about 1.5 pounds!  

Today, we conquered Meat Mountain.

I challenged Shaggy on Sports, Producer "Lunchbox" Dan, and Don from our Newsradio 1370WSPD morning show (with Fred LeFebvre) to see who could finish this beast first.

Don may have an unfair advantage, having participated in several competitive eating challenges.  In fact, he won at Tony Packo's once.  Will that give him the edge he needs to win?  You'll have to watch the video to find out.  Scroll down past the video for our photo gallery, too.

By the way, you too can enjoy Arby's Meat Mountain for only $10! We dare you!