Game Of Thrones fans, check out this 15-minute preview of the new season!

Quiz:  What country star are you?  (Full Story)

The creator of the overnight hit smarphone game "Flappy Bird" yanked it offline yesterday, despite making him $50,000 a DAY.  He said the game ruined his life! (Full Story)

Vancouver hopes to prevent disease spread among drug addicts by installing machines that sell CRACK PIPES for 25 cents each, like a vending machine for druggies.  (Full Story

How many hours do you have to work at minimum wage to buy ONE BEER at a bar, compared to other countries?  In the U.S., it's 24 minutes.  (Full Story)


The guy who asked Facebook to make a 'Look Back' video for his dead son got his wish on Friday.  And he shared the video online.  (Full Story)

Somebody made one of those Facebook "Looking Back" videos for "Breaking Bad" character Walter White.  (Video)


AMANDA KNOX may be a convicted murderer in Italy, but a porno company has offered to pay her $20,000 to do a movie for them.  (Full Story)


The boxing match between GEORGE ZIMMERMAN / DMX has been canceled.  (Full Story)