Toledo Police are installing 30 new "SkyCop" cameras around the city as part of Phase 2 of the surveillance system.

More than 70 cameras were installed around Toledo during Phase 1, primarily in Central, North, & East Toledo.  Phase 2 expands the system to West & South Toledo.

TPD says they have noticed a reduction in crime and a change in public perception since the SkyCop system went live a year ago.  Cameras are placed according to both crime statistics and public input.

Do you think SkyCop cameras are an effective deterrent to crime around the city and a legitimate tool for Law Enforcement?  Or, do you find the surveillance technology "creepy" and an invasion on your privacy?

We'll talk about it this afternoon at 3:15 and TPD Sergeant Joe Heffernan will be on with Scott at 3:35 today to discuss from the police department's perspective.  Listen on iHeartRadio or click

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