COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Could an Ohioan be in the mix for the White House in 2016? Sen. Rob Portman was mentioned as a possible candidate in 2012 and then a possible running mate for Mitt Romney. His name has resurfaced again, but this time he's not brushing off the idea.

Portman says the country is in trouble right now.

"The economy has got structural problems. I think we need new policies and new leadership. I think we can do it. We can be sure our best days are ahead of us, but it's going to take some changes," he said.

Portman's believes the country needs fewer regulations that create higher costs and fewer jobs, domestic energy, tax reform, expanding exports, and driving down health care costs.

"If I don't see someone addressing those kinds of issues and providing a hopeful, optimistic future for our country then I might consider it," he said of a presidential run.

He's focused on trying to see that Republicans get control of the Senate this November, so he says any decision won't come until after the election. As of now, he's still planning to seek re-election to his Senate seat in 2016.