Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has rejected two nominees to fill the Republican seats on the Lucas County Board of Elections. In a letter to Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook, Husted said he would not appoint Kelly Bensman or Benjamin Roberts to the Board of Elections. Ms. Bensman was cited by board members and staff who testified at meetings of the transparency committee as a source of intimidation and provocation towards staff. Husted said that "Ms. Bensman was and remains part of the dysfunction at the Lucas County Board of Elections." Mr. Roberts was rejected because of his past work with the Board of Elections. Roberts was the Director of the Board of Elections for five months in 2011. He resigned because of what he called a "caustic environment" that made him incapable of making the changes that needed to be made. There's no work on when the party will next meet to name two more appointees.