COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- A new website allows local governments to share costly equipment instead of buying it themselves.

"If one city has an expensive piece of equipment, a grader or front-end loader, that they don't use all the time maybe the city next-door can use it," said State Auditor Dave Yost. was launched after a study of 24 local governments in Lake County found that some equipment was only used as little as once a month. The website includes a database of capital equipment. Each municipality can enter their equipment into the database at no cost.

"Ultimately it's going to make for better service, faster service, and cost less money," Yost said.

Share Ohio gives entities the ability to track utilization rates of equipment and run corresponding reports. The Auditor of State’s office provides Share Ohio users with a FEMA resources definitions handbook and sample shared services agreements to help streamline the process.  

Yost says they'll review the program in two years to see what kind of savings have been made.