COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- The enforcement of new regulations that require Ohioans to maintain an updated account on the state's jobs website to get unemployment benefits has been delayed.

Ohio Dept of Job and Family Services spokesperson Angela Terez says they got more than 20 phone calls from people who were unable to read their temporary password which include both capital and lowercase letters.

"For instance they were having difficulty distinguishing between the O's and the zeros or the (capital) I's and the (lowercase) L's," Terez said.

The issue was apparently caused by the font that was used.

When people called customer service for help reps discovered they couldn't access the passwords to help.

"We've fixed the font issue, we've fixed the rep access issue and we're just doing some further streamlining," she said.

At no time was there a technical issue with the actual website, according to Terez.

When someone applies for unemployment in Ohio, they are given an account on and a basic resume is posted.

"They have to update this resume by their 8th week of receiving benefits," Terez said. That 8th week is hitting now, but given the issues she says they didn't want to penalize people who were trying to do the right things.

As the weeks go on, users are then required to complete other tasks to help with their search for employment.

Terez didn't know exactly when enforcement of the rules will resume, but said it would be soon.