STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WSPD) -- Gov. John Kasich says he has "concerns" about Common Core, but wouldn't say he's totally against the idea when asked about a bill introduced Monday that would repeal the standards in Ohio.

"We have concerns about it and that's why we included it in our MBR (Mid-Biennium Review), things to give local school boards authority and autonomy and getting parents involved," Kasich said.

Kasich says he's looking forward to the bill hearings and says if they reveal problems with Common Core, they'll be addressed. He added that he hopes the hearings will also bring "greater clarity" to the issue.

"If there's more things that have to be done and if we're seeing an erosion of local control then we have to address it. Their concern is who's in charge of the schools and I'm always concerned about it," Kasich said.

The bill would replace the federal education standards with what supporters of the bill call "proven, high standards and assessments." Hearings are expected to start on the bill next month.